A firm focused on borrowers

Early in his career, Dennis Bernard recognized a flaw in the mortgage banking industry. Typical mortgage banking firms were focused on the lenders more so than the borrowers.

Others, mostly the large national firms, were more interested in their pretty packages and not in maximizing and closing the best possible financing. It’s with that idea in mind that he founded Bernard Financial Group in 1991: Creating a firm that focused on the borrowers.

Today, with more than $27.5 billion in loans closed, that same idea remains central to the Bernard Financial Group culture. Focus on the borrowers and help them succeed. Bernard Financial Group offers its clients more options for loans than any other firm in Michigan, and it is the only Michigan-based firm offering primary cashiering of life company and CMBS loans.

Our clients have come to understand how important a local, knowledgeable servicer is. They are able to call our Southfield, Michigan office and ask for someone by name, rather than through prompts and 1-800 numbers. If the situation warrants, they can even schedule an appointment and come in for a face-to-face meeting.

There’s a reason why the most important real estate investors in Michigan, and across the country, use Bernard Financial Group. We look forward to working with you.